A flood marker placed on the wrong side of the river (France)

Title of the Wayspot: repere de crue de 1994 a marvejols

Location: 44.550518,3.290326

City: Marvejols

Country: France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: [Attach photo]

Photo 1: View from Rochevalier Street to the west

Photo 2: Opposite view towards the east (towards Rochevalier street)

Photo 3: Immediate view of the buildings north of the waypoint

Photo 4: View a little further on the same buildings

Photo 5 : Immediate view of the facade south of the waypoint

Additional information:

A flood marker is a historical marker indicating the level reached by the water of a river during one of its floods. It serves to maintain the memory of these rare events. It is therefore placed on a wall or a structure in a place that is stable over time and visible to the public.

The picture of the waypoint shows that it is a marker of the 1994 flood of the Coulagnet brook.

The waypoint is located in a little frequented path on the right bank of the main river the Colagne (1). However, the Coulagnet brook (2) is a left bank tributary of the Colagne river. If the Colagne and the Coulagnet could have been in flood in the same year, at the location of the waypoint, there would be a flood marker of the Colagne and not of the Coulagnet.

The photographs also show that the street is a little frequented access street and that no marker is visible on the walls of the buildings:



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