Missing Rejection Email & Reasons?

NvlblNm-PGONvlblNm-PGO Posts: 115 ✭✭✭

I recently learned that a nomination I submitted on February 1st has been rejected.

Naturally, I went looking for a rejection email and some rejection reasons so that I can figure out what I might improve next time I submit my nomination. Unfortunately, it seems I never received a rejection email, nor have I received any feedback on why my nomination was rejected.

I know nominations that are voted on by Niantic often have trouble with displaying rejection reasons properly - even if they apparently provide them - but the complete lack of any direct indication that my nomination has been rejected is frankly quite alarming. The lack of decorum here on Niantic's part is concerning, and having talked with several other people who submitted nominations on February 1st, it seems they also have had their nominations rejected by Niantic with no indication as to why.

When will Niantic start communicating with wayfarers properly and give them the bare minimum of information about their nominations?


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