Wayfarer Reviewer Videos

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I already had a YouTube channel for casual gaming and saw a need for a YouTube channel discussing nominations. I have played Pokemon Go since the week after it came out and I have been nominating and reviewing since the ability was given to Pokemon Go players. I stopped reviewing for a while, but an abundance of housing development entry monuments making it into the game in my playing area made me realize I needed to re-enter the rating arena. Oh and also the mini mall by me that has 2 Pokestops and a gym for the exact same thing - a circle design in concrete added to the elevation of the building (nothing artistic about it)!

My plan is a combination of short reviewing lessons, plus videos less often that help reviewers with more general (but important) topics like S17 cells, the AMAs, and Wayfarer discussions. I have so many ideas for videos, but be patient I am only posting 1 video per day.

Although I welcome comments and discussions about my videos, please remember that there is no 1 way to review nominations, and there can be opinions other than your own.



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