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Wayfarer website broken on iOS in lockdown mode

Erfip-PGOErfip-PGO Posts: 14 ✭✭

*Issue title:* Wayfarer website broken on iOS in lockdown mode

*Description of the issue:* When using the latest iOS version 16.3.1 on the newest iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro) with lockdown mode enabled, then reviewing wayspots is impossible; please see example screenshot. I assume that the images used for the stars in the rating area are in a special format that is not supported in lockdown mode. The lockdown mode can be found in Settings / Privacy & Security / (scroll to bottom). I suggest to use either supported image formats or ensure that the site renders correctly without those images, just with minor graphic problems, but usable.

*Device, OS:* iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 16.3.1, but unrelated to version

*Attachments:* see attached screenshot

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