Restaurant got rejected

I'll let the pictures speak. eligibility criteria mention porpular restaurants as good loactions. Please give me reasons, why people could rejekt this. Should i just try again?


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    Submitter has the burden of proof, currently ORC

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    That is how I see your supporting info, some may get it but not much context to work with. Imagine submitting a slew of submissions and generic rejection feedback to work with. Frustrating, right? Same for reviewing, generic word "popular". What does that show? Nothing.

    You'll have to sell it well. It will be helpful if you can expound on its popularity, maybe it has a Michelin, an article written about it, anything reviewers can go back to support your claim. You say its the only Greek restaurant which makes it unique, what is on the menu that is unique? Concerts? Weekly events? Put it in the description.

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    Never seen a restaurant getting accepted with the exception of restaurants with michelin stars

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    I had one accepted recently, with an upgrade... that didn't have that level of awards.

    It did have two local awards but mostly I sold it on its location.

    I added links and a bit of info on the awards at the end of the supplemental info which helped probably but I think it is possible to get them through without Michelin stars, admittedly it's an uphill battle though.

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    It is defently porpular. You guys think its enough evidence if i do screenshots of other local restaurants google raitings? This greec restaurant is relatively new (6-7 years old) Many older local restaurants have much less votes on google and less stars as well.

    Rating by michelin starts is in my opinion a **** way to look at things btw. That won't tell you its porpular at all, not even if its good.

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    McDonalds is popular.

    I'm not saying this is similar but I do think you would need something more than just Google rating or trip advisor reviews.

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    I do like your image of the lighted sign and the purple sky.

    Unfortunately, the supporting info is inadequate to support an approval. The standard for proving popularity of a restaurant is pretty high; need to show awards won, or tell a compelling story about the place. ‘Founded in 2002, Mykonos Treff has won been named Borken’s best baklava destination from 2015-2020, was featured on the TV show “Bite My Shawarma,” and in 2022 was rated by the Borken Food Podcast as the best place to break up with your girlfriend.’

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    lol comment came off like my minimum standard for accepting is a Michelin (coming from a country that has only one such). That would be one of many popular indications for reputability but my minimum for my own submissions is an article recommending the restaurant or just a brief story like Xobai's above. That and if they do community contribution or events.

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    The problem is that a random wayfarer reviewer can't juge if a restaurant is popular or not, good or not.

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    I like your ideas and stuff, and that might work for you and in big citys. I live in a town with a population of 20k. Combined with the surrounding villages its maybe 40k. The next biggest city is not even close eighther. Check 'Borken Westfalen, Germany' if you want and you see what i mean.

    We have restaurants. Even quite a few. But everyone in this town knows about all of them. This town is not that big that restaurants needs websites. If there is new restaurant, the first customers visit it and they will tell the rest of the town if its good or bad. Some restaurants have facebookpages and google accounts to show their menus and phone numbers. Thats it. There is no price for 'The best greec in town' because its literally the only one. We had others. But the others couldn't survive because the lokals didn't accepted them. The Restaurant on the picture is in fact the only greec restaurant that is around for more than 4years since i was born. And its still booming. Michelin stars are cool and stuff, but i'm not sure if my town or any of the sorrournding towns and villages even have a restaurant with some stars, because nobody cares here. What makes this restaurant special that its the only greec that made it to an local cult restaurant. And there is evidence for nothing of that.

    So what you guys are telling me, not a single restaurant or caffee in my town, in sorrounding villages or other small towns in this area is worth submitting, because there are no prices given by local goverment, there are no michelin stars, because nobody cares here, and there is no written evidance for porpularity, accept for possible websites that any **** restaurant could fake in 10min for none lokals that give a ....

    So restaurants and coffe shops are just mentioned for big citys in eligibility criteria, lol

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    For you ond others who think taking michelin stars as a prrof that a restaurant is porpular or even worth going to, i made a photoshop with all three results the michelin homepage shows me when i search for my town. All three are at least a 20min drive from my town. Two of them can't compete with my nomination. The one that can is a hotel that locals probably won't use because they live here.

    To compare my nomination on google:

    Th others on michelin webpage with their google results

    Personally i think google is a good way to proove porpularity, at least in country sided regions.

    So what i learn from this post, you're right when you say i should give more evidence like links, pictures to gain more trust when i say its porpular, thanks for your advice, i'll try.

    Some people who rate your nominations are snobs because they look more at things like michelin stars or rewars which some regions won't have. To get your legit porpular restaurant nomination threw it seems like you need luck that those people won't rate you.

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    So in your case, instead of saying it's a popular place, I would write that it is the only Greek restaurant for x number of kms. Since you say everyone knows everyone in town, talk about the people who own this place and how long they've been part of your community.

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    In addition to what others have said...

    Do they ever host live music? Trivia night? Comedy shows? Do people often reserve the back room for wedding receptions or other events? SOMETHING showing it has more socializing opportunity than a common chain restaurant?

    Does your town have a newspaper or blogger with restaurant reviews you could link?

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    The “Michelin star” comment refers back to an old thread about restaurants from several years ago and you should not get caught up on that. That is one way to prove popularity and relevance, yes, but not the only way.

    That said, you have three Michelin star restaurants near you!? I live hundreds of kilometers from the nearest one; I would love to eat at one of these places! What an experience that would be! Definitely feel free to nominate them, if they’re not already on the map. (Incidentally, I’m willing to bet that plenty of locals to go those hotels to dine at those restaurants, especially to celebrate special events).

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    I like the idea of having restaurants hosting such things regularly and indeed, we have some loacations who did this. For example there is an italian restaurant which did that back in 2015. They hosted a few social nights with live music all over the year. According to your suggestion it would have been a great spot to nominate in 2015, and probably wayfarers would have accepted it. but guess what... they never did this again after 2015. I don't know why but today its just a regular restaurant without any differences to a chain like you said. Even the local MCDonalds hosted more stuff that this particular restaurant, because they had signing hours with celebrities. Backrooms for private partys would be possible as well, but they would be private. The community as it whole woulnd't have any benefits from that and normal guests neighther.

    Newspaper article are actual a really good idea, but you only have acces to online articles from our local newspaper if you pay for a subscribtion.... that not you suggestions fault i guess, but it sadly won't work for me as well :/

    I think i will stick with google, and claims that might follow common sense. Thanks for your suggestions all.

    I have over reacted. I can imagine that micheline thing could work for really big citys, thats why i took that serious.

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    Sorry if I sound a bit cynical, but aren't there any trailmarkers, information panels or footbridges near the restaurant? These have a much higher chance of acceptance, and you don't have to prove that these are popular.

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    Backrooms for private partys would be possible as well, but they would be private. The community as it whole woulnd't have any benefits from that and normal guests neighther.

    This is a selling point. If you're concerned about the PRP rejection, it only applies for [single-family private residences]. The community still benefits the feature albeit one group at a time. Find the limited-access clarification in the Nov 2020 AMAs which discusses this.

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