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could someone of the Niantic staff please explain what is wrong with this appeal?

It is a trail marker from a 71.8km long bike and hiking trail and, as far as I know, trail markers are eligible way stops as they encourage people to go out and explore. It's neither generic nor a regular street sign, because the submission focuses on the small trail marker that is attached to the street sign.

In Germany, where this submission is from, this is what official hiking and biking trails look like. Every hiking and/or biking trail has its own logo and you will find it along the way. Many of these way markers have already been approved throughout the region. Especially in rural areas, way markers often make the only eligible submissions that people find. Having Niantic reject an official way marker seems to be a major throwback and confusing.

Thank you for clarifying!

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    Usually you can’t Appeal an Appeal. @Belahzur-ING tried before.

    I think you’ll have to resubmit it if you believe it is still eligible.

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    Thank you very much for your reply and for trying to help!

    I know that a rejected appeal may not be appealed again. With my post, I did not aim at appealing again.

    Actually, I am quite aware of the Wayfarer regulations as I and my wife actively submit and review submissions all the time. We even joined one of the Wayfarer Focus Groups once. Also, within our community, we try to help people improve their submissions and to raise awareness as to what makes an eligible waystop and what does not.

    My post aims at clarifying the eligibility of way markers. As mentioned in my original post, the way marker rejected by Niantic is what an official hiking and biking trail marker looks like in Germany. It is not apparent why this would be rejected. I'll happily re-submit. However, I do not need to hike a trail and to put in a half day of work submitting all the way markers I come across, if my efforts are in vain.

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    Markers like this should be easy acceptances. Sadly many reviewers keep opposing them because they have a different idea of what the criteria should be, and follow their own rules.

    Sadly the quality of appeal reviews appears to be low as well. I can understand not being familiar with these markers, but you added plenty of good supporting info. It should have always been accepted.

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