The weird rise of inappropriate locations

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For me, January 2023 saw an odd rise in the use of the "Location Inappropriate" rejection reason in my rejected nominations. On the surface, nothing's changed - the nomination subjects are all very vanilla, all and all were made in my regular play areas, where such nomination subjects are commonly submitted and accepted. Yet "Location Inappropriate" rejections keep popping up again and again.

I'm no stranger to weird rejection patterns so I didn't think much of it... until other people in the Wayfarer Discussion Discord server have started reporting the same thing.

I do think there's foul play involved here. Whether it's something as simple as a group of malicious serial rejecters, or something more complicated such as a botting network, I absolutely think there's an unnatural pattern that requires investigation from Niantic.

I'll list my own examples (plus an example that was sent to me), but I invite anyone who thinks they've been impacted by the same phenomenon to comment here with their own rejections.

1 - (was since accepted upon resubmission)

2 -

3 - (perhaps the only one where I can see "inappropriate" as being vaguely relevant)

4 -

5 - (AKA the resubmission attempt)

6 -

Then there are some of the examples shared with me by the Finnish community (which really raised my suspicion considering the distance between Finland and Israel):

1 -

2 -

3 -

Obligatory tagging of Niantic employees to ensure it gets seen - @NianticAaron @NianticLC @NianticOren @NianticOtoStar @NianThib @NianticTintino-ING



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