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Just today, I had 2 parks rejected.

The first park is not very big, but it is there none the less. A bench, flower beds and a central tree with decoratively planted Helges.

It's visible on google maps, but it is unnamed as many small parks are in this city.

It looks a bit boring on the main photo, because it is photographed in January.

Rejection criteria:

Natural Feature (no kidding!)

Submitter Identifiable (I am definately not in the picture)

Other Rejection Criteria

Second rejection is also a small park, surrounded by 2 or 3 appartment buildings. It's a public space, with 3 circular areas for different purpose. A playground in one circle, a decorative water fountain in an other circle, and the third circle has a trellis of roses.

It's recognisable on google maps. I focused on the fountain.

Rejection criteria:

Natural Feature (still not kidding!)

Other Rejection Criteria

According to the guidelines parks are eligeble under both exercise and socialising criteria.

Did I miss something here?

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