Am I wrong for thinking that this is a good nomination?

Ive submitted this "footbridge" in an allotment club/ community garden:

The supporting information roughly translates to:

Safely accessible. Criteria: "promotes exercise". Footbridges as part of a trail in an allotment club/ community garden or park are viable nominations. This footbridge is part of a bike trail: namely FR2. Link to support claim: (I thought submitters would then continue to reach: Street view available. And lastly a link to prove my previous claim concerning footbridges.

Please help me improve my submission or share your opinion on why this shouldnt be a wayspot.

Coordinates btw: 53.616775, 10.124521


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    First off: ignore the 'orientation' rejection reason - its unfortunately common that reviewers choose wrong rejection reasons.

    The nomination itself: at one point, Niantic said that bridges could be viable nominations. But that doesn't mean that every bridge is automatically accepted - that is still up to the reviewer. And that means: if there are a dozen of the very same bridges in the area, it loses its 'uniqueness' and might be rejected faster than, or example, a solitary old bridge in a nature area where there aren't many other bridges. And what's interesting about a concrete piece of road over a body of water?

    Also, the density of the portals in the area might influence the voters' decision.

    Furthermore, don't spend too many words in the supporting statement about 'viable nomination' - reviewers generally hate that, and need to make up their own minds. Just mention 'this bridge is part of the biking trail at <the veloroute site>'

    That 'veloroute' site is all you need to give the reviewers, as it proves that the bridge is part of a trail. Tell reviewers on what time in the video the bridge can be seen, that would help immensely.

    If I was reviewing this without that Veloroute site, I don't think I would give this high marks (if at all). But with that site (containing an actual video **** of the entire route) I think I would give it full marks (for criteria at least).

    I suggest you keep trying, this does have merit. But realize there are many reviewers who don't read forums, ama's, etc. If you keep getting rejections, use the 'Appeal' function to explain to Niantic that this is a bike trail through a park (using the route video and time stamp so they can see it quickly). They might put it online after all.

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