Appeal rejected duplicate

Roosevelt Visits McArthur Park

34.739455, -92.265865

Little Rock

United States of America

This gets difficult since I reported the duplicate using my Ingress Prime account but my Pokémon GO account relates.

I believe this is from before Pokémon GO received the ability to nominate and most nominations came from Ingress.

The person placed this or moved, placed this between MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History and East 9th Street. This exists south-southeast of MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History. Since I lack the level in Ingress Prime to recommend this being moved, I nominated in Pokémon GO but gave the title Roosevelt Visits City Park successfully in the correct location.

I know I caused the duplicate. However, I wish these to be merged where I nominated. Since Roosevelt visited City Park, I prefer that name being kept the title. Roosevelt Visits MacArthur Park is what the other should be since City Park is now MacArthur Park (not McArthur Park).

No good Street View pictures show this in MacArthur Park. North of where this was placed is a LRFD station. I took 1 month old Street View screenshots from the directions showing no MacArthur Visits City Park sign there.

Enough fictitious POI exist. This should be corrected. Please do. I know I added a location edit. If you don’t merge the two, one will disappear in Ingress but still be there.

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