Can a Property Owner Request an Unban on Pokemon Go? (Ingress still In-Game)

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This is just a question to see if this is even a thing. There is a small section of a campus I am aware of that had about 3-4 Pokestops and gyms in the early days of Pokemon. Locals told me that they think the school must have submitted the remove Pokestop request about the time Gym Raids were released (nuisance), so it's been several years.

In situations like these where PoGo in the area is more casual players now and not nearly the nuisance (plus the game has added postcards that can be sent far and wide showing off various local Waypoints so a bit of advertising) is there a way the campus even COULD have the ban removed?

The Waypoints in question are still present on the Ingress map so obviously only removed from the Pokemon game. Most of the other areas campus (lecture halls, school store, athletic areas, art) still have Pokestops and Gyms fully active. If it's been 5+ years and a new batch of people getting into Pokemon now there might be faculty not even aware of why that part of campus is a Pokestop/Gym desert no matter how often they submit new stops.

It seems like it's probably a permanent thing but if the administration was okay with lifting the ban is there even an avenue for them to pursue that wouldn't just waste their time. It's nothing Wayfarers can pursue as the Waypoints are in the game, just inaccessible in Pokemon Go.


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