Low Quality Wayspots?

I have been noticing some new wayspots in my area recently that I would consider at best as low quality. Just want to run them by the community in case I don't know about some rule changes.

1) Seems to be a generic flag on a generic flagpole by a generic store, no plaque or any description as of why this particular flag is so special:


2) This seems to be a small vocational/trade school at a corner of a striр mall, can probably fit about 5 and a half students inside at a time:


3) A sign for a corner striр mall with about 6 shops, same as probably every other corner striр mall on almost every other corner in Los Angeles area:


I guess 2 and 3 fall into "a great place to be social with others" category. I think they are more of OK-ish places to be social with others if you have absolutely no other places to go. But great?

With 1 I draw a complete blank. I got nothing.

Am I being picky, or is someone trying to make every random object a wayspot?



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