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Hello all!

I own a restaurant in Sicklerville, New Jersey that we put up for nomination. I have recently been rejected and am curious as to why this would be. Wayfarer specifies that small restaurants, especially cafés, are great wayspot locations. We have easy access from the main road and have a development located behind our business ****. The reason for rejection was abuse, but I do not see how that matches. If anyone could assist on why we were rejected it would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Also, I typed business S-T-R-I-P. Why they bleeped it out and made it looks like I was cursing is beyond me.

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    Hi @Hail2theHess-PGO

    Generally for restaurants/cafes they need to have something that makes them stand out to the reviewer artist from just being restaurants.

    Awards, location and history help. Do you do anything for the local community? Do you hold events?

    There are a few other things that can bolster your nomination that I'm sure people will be happy to help you with.

    I'm not sure why you received the abuse rejection without soon the nomination.

    Ignore the word filter it's overly sensitive.

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    Time to install a new keyboard :/

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    The Wayfarer guideline is that popular restaurants meet criteria, and so the nomination must prove popularity, or at least uniqueness, in some way. This should be done using verifiable third party evidence, such as awards won, mentions in media (food blogs, podcasts, etc), and evidence of community involvement or special relevance. A restaurant nomination lacking that evidence in the supporting information field will typically get “Other Rejection Criteria” as the rejection reason, which is Niantic-ese for “does not meet criteria”. “Abuse” is a different standard, but -among other reasons - reviewers sometimes select that if the text refers to the business as “we” or “I”, making it sound like a single individual is looking for their own POI, or if the description reads like an advertisement.

    The best way to get the best feedback is to post screenshots of the entire nomination (use the paperclip icon to attach images, as those don’t get sent for post approval), including all text, both images, and location data.

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    lol no worries I was able to follow. We do in fact do a lot with the community. We sponsor the local high school as well as donate baskets to plenty of organizations in the community. Those things wouldn’t be able to be pictured. However, we do have an art gallery in the restaurant as well. I would’ve taken pictures, but I needed a street view and a good logo which was the owl choice. Also, there is a local bar up the street that has a spot, what exactly do they do unique for the community or that makes them stand out? Seems an unjust rejection to be honest.

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    This is all well and good, but nowhere does it say not to reference Pokémon go. We have won awards and such, but the criteria was to be based off of locality, ease of access and uniqueness to the area. The criteria never stated to discuss the menu or anything of the sort. Again, seems pretty unjust by the criteria standard.

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    It is a little buried, so you may not have seen it on the site;

    Words such as "stop" and "Pokémon GO" have zero meaning in Ingress/Pikmin Bloom/Peridot, and are game-specific information to Pokémon GO only so the rejection is correct.

    You also noted that it is not mentioned you should call out the menu, however;

    As a local business being submitted, it is down to the submitter to push the importance and cultural significance of the nomination to reviewers and calls out using the supporting text, which tells a reviewer very little in this instance, besides that you would like a PokéStop.

    Sorry you didn't see this, but it is important to know and to educate yourself. Check out the Criteria and Help sections on the main Wayfarer site.

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    Well I appreciate you all making this so easy and the help for local small businesses. I’ll be sure to put in another recommendation and wait eighteen months to be rejected again. Thanks for the feedback everybody!!

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    No problem. Happy to help.

    Let us know how your re-nomination goes now that everyone has helped out.

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    If you’re looking to have a Sponsored Location for your small business, Niantic offers that too, so you have plenty of options.

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    The main thing I could see that makes your place stand out was the local artists/gallery @Hail2theHess-PGO I would definitely use that as part of your description and/or support

    A couple of links like this in your support helps.

    Things you do in the local community in your support also help too.

    Definitely don't mention any specific game anywhere in your submission :)

    I like your logo, you could use that for your main picture. Similar to this without the person or reflections or the one above your door.

    I guess you could also, since it's your business, buy a stop/gym. I think it used to be $30 - $60 a month so not cheap really.

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    I appreciate the insight. We are the only breakfast place at all in this area so it definitely is unique in itself. I know there’s a character limit and due to my profession I was trying to make us seem as personable as possible instead of selecting menu items that didn’t concern any game. Just very disappointing how wayfarer seems to favor the big name businesses, religious buildings, and such. Almost as if they don’t want local small businesses to be a part of this unless they pay. That insight is from other forum questions about criteria. I’ll try my best on the next one, thanks again!!

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    I'm not sure what you're seeing that makes you think wayfarer favors "big name businesses." It's honestly the exact opposite. Most businesses cannot get approved unless they are a locally owned, single location business of a very specific type. You may be thinking of Starbucks, but as we've said above, those are paid sponsorships which don't go through Wayfarer. Starbucks Corporate has an agreement with Niantic that each individual location can decide to take advantage of or not. In my area, no new Starbucks has signed on to the sponsorship deal in a few years. The ones that have them just keep paying for it out of habit.

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    @Hail2theHess-PGO I think PkmnTrainerJ-ING had the best advice: since you own the place, and everyone there loves the game and you maybe want to attract like-minded clientele, the $30-60 a month could be a viable option.

    I looked at the s-trip, and there are a couple of businesses built right next to each other: if you want to 'be' (in your case) a Wayspot, you need to distinguish yourself from the rest, like be a specific themed-like restaurant. If you research the area and you're really the only breakfast place, that might be a good place to start, and maybe add something specific.

    (oh, and the description you used really kinda buried all chances you had, try to avoid any in-game references).

    I think this thread contains wonderfully positive feedback, but I sense some sarcasm with the "i'll wait 18 months for the next try"-remark: it's not that bad. I would suggest to read the advice carefully (especially the description and photograph advice) and try again. And if you and your like-minded colleagues start reviewing Wayspots and earn upgrades, all of you together have the power to get your nominations processed with priority, so you actually have to wait only weeks between each try.

    Good luck.

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    Lol of course there’s sarcasm. This is a game based off of a children’s game and show. It’s harder for me to get a wayspot then a deng gun in my current state.

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    Don’t take saltiness out on this forum. Nobody here voted on this nomination, we’re players and volunteers here to try to help others put up the best nominations. It’s not our fault that Niantic communicates poorly and doesn’t set expectations, and nobody asked us for advice before submitting. We could have said all this 18 months ago, including the fact that it very well can take over a year to get a decision on a nomination if you’re not doing your part to also review others’ nominations.

    Said volunteers have already presented two options: refine and resubmit - my own experience and this very thread both tell me commenters here will be more than happy to give the most helpful feedback possible along the way - or contact Niantic and get a sponsored stop.

    But little jabs of “I get to wait 18 months to get rejected again” and “they don’t want small businesses” are mustard in the muffin mix.

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    Lol of course there’s sarcasm buddy, this is a game based off of a kids television show and card game yet it’s the hardest thing to get a wayspot. I could’ve applied and received multiple guns within the time frame I had to wait just to get rejected. It sucks when you see every church and every chain restaurant(Applebees, chilis etc) all with wayspots but none for the little guys. We all have tried to push our wayspot to go through quicker and still had to wait almost a year. Is wayfare that pressed for money that they will deny us so that we have to pay for a spot? Also, I’m sorry but just because I put the game should not matter. The spot will be utilized and it’s not for personal use, again, nitpicking to avoid the small businesses. I shouldn’t have to go through eighteen layers of criteria, that are all a mess to read and half are buried beneath each other.

    The name of the restaurant is literally “The Breakfast Nook”. If you can’t find the theme of our restaurant in the name then you are a lost cause. And yes breakfast is a theme since there aren’t any others around and that’s what we specialize in. Again, unfortunate how we do so much for the community and put all this money into a game just to be rejected because I put the name of the game in the description. I will also attach why it says I got rejected, again the main reason was abuse which none of these responses have given insight to that.

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    All the people trying to help, are fellow wayfinders. Just like you everyone has had frustrating experiences at some point. Part of that is that fundamentally this is about judgements and the other part is Niantic does not explain or communicate this well.

    There are huge differences in what any wayfinder might experience. Some places get approval or rejection in a matter of a few weeks, others (like mine) have been in excess of 27 months. Sometimes you see something approved and in game that shouldn’t be on a number of different levels, whilst your own carefully photographed and researched one that should get in gets rejected. So it is a normal experience- but it shouldn’t be.

    The reviewing is all done by wayfinders if we all followed the rules and and had the same opinions then there should be less variability.

    So what can you do to try again.

    First reflect and take on board the comments made about what to focus on. The reviewers that will score your submission are unfamiliar with what you are presenting to them. You need look at it through their eyes spot the flaws in the submission, change it, in order to “sell” it to them.

    Try to do some reviewing. This lets you experience what it’s like, but most importantly you can earn an upgrade search for details) this allows you to quickly place your nomination to the front, and get a quick result. The pitfall is that the people who review will be even less familiar with the location so you really need to give it all the info you can.

    There is no magic solution just take it all on board. You are welcome to post a revised version for feedback prior to submission again.

    I hope it works out.

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    Just because the reason is first in the list, doesn’t mean that was the main reason. It may have only been one person who selected Abuse.

    Personally, I’d ignore that and go with the rejection being that the title/description (description in this case) was not relevant to the nomination (due to Pokémon GO mentions as noted).

    Resubmit it better with advice from people here and I’m sure it’ll sail through. Maybe do some reviews and apply an Upgrade when you can. Usually my Upgrades resolve overnight, so if you want a quick decision on your improved nomination, that’s the way to go @Hail2theHess-PGO

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    You’re sure a restaurant will sail through? We read an awful lot of restaurant rejection threads in these forums.

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 3,789 Ambassador

    If it’s sold well, and they use the information provided I think so.

    Often, but not always, the information is very lacking for restaurant nomination as people assume they’re an easy accept, but they still need to have enough information in for reviewers to see why it’s a great place for being social, instead of just a place for it.

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 3,789 Ambassador

    Coming back to this, I was sure I read somewhere that you cannot add in-game references. It is on this page;

    Do not include the following in the titles or descriptions:

    HTML or URLs

    References to usernames, nicknames or game-specific terms (such as Raid or PokéStop)

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 3,789 Ambassador

    Yeah, it doesn’t say about the supporting, but it’s certainly a waste mentioning it there.

  • The26thDoctor-PGOThe26thDoctor-PGO Posts: 2,170 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It shouldn't take away or add anything from/to the nomination though.

    At best it should be ignored unless somehow relevant.

  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 3,789 Ambassador

    Yeah, it’s probably best to treat it like there’s nothing there when there’s a PokéStop beg.

    As said, it’s just a waste where the submitter could have said how it’s eligible etc.

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