Reason of rejection?

Please let me know what made my proposal for a new waypoint rejected because of "Name or description"?

I don't see anything wrong with the proposed name and description. Can I improve something to meet the criteria? Please help.

I think it's a good place, it's next to the forest. Access to it is public.

There aren't many poke stops around me. I don't understand why it's so hard to add anything.


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    @Marshall0111-PGO Rejection reasons aren't always reliable information. Sometimes reviewers accidentally click the wrong reason, sometimes Niantic throws in random ones. However, in this case I think that the real rejection reason is (in English) "Other rejection criteria". This is completely unclear to people seeing it who haven't reviewed a lot, but it's the rejection reason that means "This doesn't meet any of the acceptance criteria".

    Based on what you posted I would tend to agree. This doesn't look like a great place to be social, a great place to exercise, or a great place to explore. The only one of those that it could possibly meet is exploration, but this doesn't seem like the sort of thing that people would seek out on their travels. Maybe there's some history around it that isn't obvious to me but it looks like an old utilitarian well that is no longer used.

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    @TWVer-ING Duly noted.

    However, that doesn't undermine the core statement that rejection reasons are often unreliable information.

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    Which of the 3 main Niantic criteria does this meet? I would say none of them, and call this a valid rejection, no matter what reason appears on your system.

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    I can't understand why players from rural area still have to have a difficult game. In fact, it's a waypoint like any other. There was a bicycle route marking on it (painted green). The well is still in use. It is no different from a plaque, figurine or any roadside architecture. It is a kind of reference point on the map, which should already be a certain character of this place. When showing the way to the person who asks about it, I will say "To go further, turn left at the well."

    I can't understand where this idyllic approach comes from as the wayspot must be some kind of social activity hub. If that were the case, there would be 70% less wayspots in cities.

    3/4 of all points are meaningless bulletin boards, figurines, shop signs or other strange locations where I have never seen any gathering of people. Especially small towns, where there are maybe a dozen players in the whole town, have a problem with this. I personally have to walk at least 2 km to the nearest gym to participate in the "live" raids. This situation hurts all the more that Niantic is turning to outdoor raids (not by remote pass). An example from last week and Elite Rallies on Regidrago. Live community cannot be gathered in my place. There are simply too few of them. To participate in this type of event, I have to drive 20 minutes to a larger city. It's unfair, all the more so that any ideas to revive the local community are rejected by people who don't care.

    In order not to be groundless, I will show two examples of water pumps that are not in use in a larger neighboring city. There are a lot of other pokestops around them. Nevertheless, in these places they were accepted and in my place they were not. I omit the fact that the old Shadoof well is in my opinion more interesting and prettier than a piece of metal pipe sticking out of the ground. My location is at the entrance to the forest, it is like a stop on the walking route in my town.

    1.      Pompa wodna Lwowska, Tarnów, Polska

    2. Water pump ul. Dworcowa, Tarnów, Poland (I use it often, it's on my way to work)

    Let's take a look at this rejection criterion (translation)

    Abuse of other kinds

    Any abuse that you believe is not in line with the mission of the Wayfarer system: does not create an interesting, family-friendly and faithful representation of the real world.

    Is the roadside well, which has its own specific local history, being a local reference point, located on a walking route, unique, not "family-friendly and a faithful representation of the real world"?

    Will a child who does not know that water used to flow not just from a tap but was obtained in a different way not be interested in such an object? Won't he ask his parents what it's for?

    Are wayspots like my friends' waypots more interesting and family friendly? Examples below:

    1. Munchen, Bayern, Germany

    Does an electrical box painted with random spray meet the Wayfarer criteria? Are there no pokestops in Munich?

    2. Padaanwijzing Fietsroute 18

    Is the road sign an interesting point on the map? I pass dozens of these signs every day.

    To sum up my argument.

    I do not agree with the assessment of wayspot's proposal. The very idea of these points is to make it easier for players to play, not a competition for a more interesting or original place. As long as it does not violate the law or the safety of potential visitors to the site, it should be accepted.

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    The 'idyllic' approach comes from the guidelines that Niantic set for their game, that's all. A wayspot doesn't have to be 'some kind of social activity hub' at all, it just has to meet a few criteria. From what I see on your nomination, it does not, unless you have not told the reviewers everything about it (for example, is it a very old water well or something? Is it documented somewhere as being significant, is there a story behind it?)

    The examples you have shown are mixed. You think that that road sign is uninteresting, but according to guidelines, trailmarkers (hiking or biking) are great Wayspots as they promote exercise. The stencil-looking graffiti on the box indeed doesn't look well and might even be temporary, and a water pump: it really depends. If it's a desert town somewhere in a country where they still need it because of an unstable water system, or if it's a very old or specific one, or with a well-documented story behind it, it -might- have some merit.

    The thing is: what has been accepted in the past can be wrong as well, OR has been accepted in a time when those guidelines weren't fully in place yet. You can never refer to them when creating current ones.

    You say that "The very idea of these points is to make it easier for players to play," which in my opinion is incorrect. They're interesting points that get people out there, moving. Or visiting interesting places, or meeting people. Never to make it easy. If your nominated water well is really just that: a standard well, I would reject it. But it differs with each reviewer: maybe your local community is nuts about them, and you get it online in a few tries, who knows?

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    I didn't know that you have to write the whole story, including the documented one. Yes, the well is old, it still serves some, water is still drawn from it for various purposes.

    I don't want to go back to the points I mentioned. I just wanted to point out that there is a huge mess and inconsistency here. Since the bike route marker is, as you say, the perfect Wayspot, then we'll give it a try, there's a tree near this well that has a bike route marker drawn on it. I will try to add it and write you if it worked (although we know how it will end ;) )

    Nevertheless, do you think Pokemon Go should be a travel app that is a guide for travelers? I believe that the game itself is the game. Wayspots are an addition to it, they are its element. I'm a relatively new player, maybe it used to be different, but it seems to me that no one reads these descriptions of Wayspots, does not delve into the historical outline of a given place through the game. A person wishing to see certain points in the region will be inspired by a source other than the game. Walking past Wayspot I just spin it, that's it.

    You say the place must meet the criteria. Nevertheless, I was not described what criteria I did not meet, what do I need to complete? Under the heading "Other" you can pull up anything.

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    @Marshall0111-PGO Nobody would deny that there's inconsistency. However, "There are other non-qualifying wayspots in the game so my non-qualifying wayspot should be accepted" isn't an argument that holds water.

    First, people have been submitting wayspots for a decade now (my oldest submission is more than nine years old) and the rules have changed regularly and significantly during that time. Something that qualified in 2015 might not qualify now, and that's OK... Niantic doesn't remove old wayspots every time they change the criteria. Some non-qualifying wayspots are eligible for removal, but they tend to be things on K-12 schools, things that obstruct emergency services, etc.

    Second, expecting reviewers to be perfect in their acceptances and rejections is unrealistic. Reviewers are humans, and humans make mistakes. Sometimes they deliberately make mistakes... there are areas where groups of reviewers collaborate to make mistakes. Sometimes they make mistakes because they use the current wayspots as their guidelines for what is acceptable and vote based on that, essentially perpetuating earlier mistakes.

    Third, you didn't submit a bike route marker... you submitted a well. I don't see anything in your screenshot that mentions it being a bike route marker. A well is not a great place to explore, a great place to exercise, or a great place to be social with others.

  • Marshall0111-PGOMarshall0111-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Let's sum it up then.

    You think the old well is not worth attention. I don't.

    Can't exercise? The well is on the edge of the forest, on the bicycle route, you can go for a walk, you can just cycle past it. Not only open-air gyms are used for outdoor activities.

    Unable to socialize with others? In my childhood, every place was a great opportunity to play together. The more mysterious the better. I understand that this sub-section is reserved for the park and hamburger restaurant only.

    Word against word, nothing more, for you it's gray, for me it's not.

    That's all I wanted to write about this.

    PS: A bicycle sign was painted on the well (marking a red bicycle trail with a length of 62 km, red and white lane ordering to turn left, unfortunately partially painted over with green paint by a vandal)

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    @Marshall0111-PGO I can socialize, explore, or exercise literally anywhere. For example, I talk to my neighbors in my building's elevator. I check out the cool art that people put on the walls of the elevator. I do isometric and balance exercises while I'm in the elevator. None of those things make that elevator eligible to be a wayspot.

    The wording of each criterion is "A great place to..." The word great is important-- just the possibility of doing those things is insufficient, because it's hard to think of a location where it's impossible to do one of those three things. It has to be a great place for at least one of those things.

    The forest next to the well certainly has potential for having wayspots in it since there are likely hiking or biking trails through it, there may be historic objects, plaques, footbridges, or other eligible items in the forest. These are the sorts of things that Niantic has deemed eligible to be wayspots. Just being in the vicinity of a place that could meet one of the criteria doesn't make that object eligible, though it's surprising how often people try to justify non-qualifying candidates by saying "This is near a (qualifying thing)" in their supporting text.

    A good analog to this pump is electrical/utility boxes. A simple utilitarian box would not be an eligible wayspot, though certainly many people have tried to push them through. Often, though, such boxes are part of urban beautification projects and are painted with unique art and the art on those utilitarian objects can absolutely qualify. The image contains one example.

    I hope this helps clarify things for you.

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