Comparing Nominations from some travel

In the last year I have visited Israel, USA, Haiti, Curacao and Aruba. As a souvenir I try to get a PokeStop made in each country I visit. I have learned that some voting communities are much more reasonable than others, especially it appears that there is a problem with the reviewing community in Canada where I live. Here I have had to appeal many obvious stops like Gazebos on public land where in the other countries they seem to sail through nicely. I am not sure if sample size is a part of my observations. If it is true that there's an issue with how Canadians review how can more positivity be built?


  • P1dg3ySlayer-PGOP1dg3ySlayer-PGO Posts: 54 ✭✭

    The answer is you can't get people to review the way you would like them. The only method available that will get people to change their ways is by continuously reporting abuse and appealing rejected nominations and hope Niantic take actions. The other option is to ignore it and hope for the best.

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    One of the factors at work here is that both submitters and reviewers often use what they see in the games as a reference for what is and isn't acceptable. Every area has wayspots that wouldn't qualify under current standards, either because they were accepted under older criteria or they were accepted erroneously. People reviewing from that area will have a higher likelihood of approving more of those things in the future because they see them in the games every day.

    Also, Canada is a large country and you probably want to think more locally. Except for upgrades there won't be much overlap between reviewers in Vancouver and reviewers in Montreal.

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    Just for some context. I have been well aware of many problems with bad rejections in Canada. The whole country plus some Northern states are a part of the region so we have people from 1500 km away and more voting on nominations. The most common bad rejections are "Other rejection criteria" or claiming things are on school grounds when they are clearly not.

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