Additional/more specific rejection reasons

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I'm not sure how much this would help because there are issues with rejection reasons being used incorrectly but personally I would like one that just says "need additional info" or "not enough supporting info". This would be for gray area POI like memorial benches, restaurants, etc where the burden should be on the submitter to tell us why the person was notable or why a restaurant stands out.

I review so many that could be eligible but have no actual info in the description or supporting. So many memorials with nothing but a name or something like "beloved person". Or saying a restaurant is "local" and "serves food"... I can see a pattern of cities where someone is submitting every single restaurant in their town and none of them have any actual supporting info so they get rejected and then resubmitted multiple times. Maybe if they got a reason that said they need to provide more info it would help when they resubmit. I shouldn't have to look up the reviews for every restaurant to see if it's actually popular and when I see multiple submissions in one town I'm doubting they are all hotspots anyway.


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    I can see the utility of this but I can also see how it may get abused like the generic business rejection.

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    We've been asking for more/clearer rejection reasons since they were first introduced in 2018 (amplified when they reasons were finally included in rejection emails, 2019). It's a great idea. I'd love "Meets No Criteria". But if Niantic were interested, they would have already addressed it. Developers cost money, and rejection reasons don't affect the bottom line. Niantic is a company that's in this for profit and to please investors. They have to weigh costs and benefits that go beyond Wayfarer satisfaction.

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