Location Edit Appeals (KOREA. 한국)

Title of the Wayspot: 한신아파트 놀이터

Location: 37.8731,127.750456

City: ChunCheon

Country: Korea, South

Photos to support your claim

Due to the direction in which the satellite image was taken, the location of the wayspot cannot be distinguished because of the tilted building image and the shadow of the building hanging on the floor, so I request location edit in here

A is the current location of the wayspot which is front of the #3 building, but the actual location is near the #1 building, which location is behind the blue squred security building from the current location.

Judging from the location of the security office building(blue Squared) and the location of the playground fence(green),

I request you to move from A : 37.8731,127.750456

to B : 37.87327,127.750570

Thank you



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