We need attention on this Fakestop heaven. [Part 7]

Title of the Wayspot: SORRISO AMARELO

Location: -23.399401 / -46,324195


Country: BRAZIL

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: 

Photos to support your claim: 

Additional information: 

This portal and other in this street and neighborhood are fakes, some were

already removed in the past with other names (THIS ONE WAS NAMED - O CORINGA), but they keep appearing on the same

location, with other names. Isnt this against the terms of service or anything like that?

This 'fakestop' is using the image of a grafitti located downtown

theres even 10 likes on the portal, even tough there isnt 10 active ingress agents

on this neighborhood

We need propper action on the multiple accounts used to resubmit fake portals.

Theres even portals with 10+ likes, but the portals were re-added this week.

Please @NianticGiffard , @NianticTintino and other employees, we need a safe and 

healthy enviorment to play, and actions like that, sure arent that,

Thanks for the attention, regards.


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