Title, description and location edit

Title of the Wayspot: The Cromatic Printing House (Tipografia Cromatic)

Location: 46.54827,24.558342

City: Targu Mures

Country: Romania

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: All the pictures on the wayspot are of a jewish holocaust memorial. The wayspot location is on a bus station close to that memorial. So I am not sure why it has the actual title and description and location. Please correct them with the following title and description. That's the way the memorial is named and the description is from the plaque next to the memorial. It translates to "remember" and a description of the events during the second world war. You can copy paste it from here, including the special accents in alphabet. Also please correct the location slightly. Thanks.


New title: Amintește-ți

New description: Pentru sfințirea numelui lor, de frații nostri, evreii din Târgu-Mureș și împrejurimi, care au fost deportați de către guvernul fascist Maghiar in primăvara anului 1944 și au fost uciși in lagărele morții de către Naziști.

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