Defunct school playground

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but bear with me; I am new here (been playing PoGo and Ingress for awhile, but just recently decided to start actually using my privilege to nominate Pokėstops. I have what I consider to be a perfect location for a new Pokėstop.

I worked as a teacher at a school for 17 years until the school was closed in June of last year. However, the building still stands, and the playground is still available for use by the public. The playground would make an excellent Pokėstop. It is still frequently used by the public as a gathering place, as well as just a good place for children to exercise and play. However, I'm not sure how to make clear that the site is no longer a school. It still appears to be an elementary school on the outside (even the "old" sign that is less than five years old is still positioned out front), though the flagpole is now ****. For all general appearances, it does still appear to be what it is: an elementary school playground; it just isn't used as such anymore.

Any advice on how to nominate this spot and make clear to the reviewers that it is, in fact, a legal spot (e.g., no longer an actual school in use).



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    Use the supporting to state when the school closed, and find a third party link about the school closure to prove it. If Google still has a school pin on the map, try to first report it as closed and get the school pin removed before nominating.

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