Portal Reinstatement Appeal: Bar Gran Cinema

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Title of the Wayspot: Bar Gran Cinema

Location: 43.349028,-4.053614

City: Torrelavega, Cantabria

Country: Spain

Additional information:

Gran Cinema is a popular local spot (bar) where people of the neighborhood of La Quebrantada in Torrelavega gathers to eat, drink and even getting dancing classes. Portal was erased on February 2023. Unfortunately the Bar is close now and on transfer ( a transfer of the lease of the business and tangible(furniture, products, etc) and intangible (customers, brand, etc)commercial assets in exchange of a certain price). But as you will see in the pictures attached, the premises are there.

The portal had been previously maliciously deleted in February 2019 (appeal was made in Google + ) and also on July 19th 2020. Both times the portal was reinstated

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