Incorrect rejected nomination … double nomination

My nomination got rejected as double nomination where not at all it was a double nomination : SO incorrect!


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    Can you post details of your nomination, including the title and location of it?

    Just so you're aware, when you make a nomination, you're not nominating a Pokéstop or Gym, but rather a wayspot for Niantic's Lightship Database. If your nomination is accepted, it may or may not get added some of Niantic's various games depending on the proximity rules that those games use (in the case of Pokémon Go, you're only allowed one Pokéstop or Gym per level 17 S2 cell - there's a guide about Pokémon Go and S2 Cells on Pokémon Go Hub if you want to do a Google search for it).

    That means that there are some wayspots you can't see in Pokémon Go, but that do exist in the database. So if you submit something that this applies to, reviewers will see that it's already in the database and mark it as a duplicate.

    Niantic did add a tool to the Pokémon Go submission process that somewhat helps with this, but it's limited in its effectiveness. Basically, when you submit a new nomination, the first screen you get to is the map where you can place the pin for your nomination. This map (assuming you have the setting turned on in the bottom corner of the map) will show all the wayspots within around 100 metres of your current physical location. This does not update depending on where you move the location pin for your nomination, it only ever applies to the area directly around where you physically are during the submission process, so you need to be stood close to the thing you're nominating for the best use of this tool. It will show everything that is already in Pokémon Go as a blue Pokéstop icon, and everything that isn't in Pokémon Go as an orange Wayfarer icon. You can tap on these icons to see a bit more information about what they represent.

    If you notice that what you're nominating is already represented by either a blue Pokéstop icon or an orange Wayfarer icon, then this will mean that reviewers should mark it as a duplicate if you were to submit it, and therefore you shouldn't submit it.

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