Location Edit "Sternbusch" Rheine, Germany

Title of the Wayspot: Sternbusch

Location: False 52.299767, 7.428104

Correct 52.299314, 7.428180

City: Rheine

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: none (more than 20m)

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The Waypot was placed quite far away from the correct location. As you can see on the pictures above, the sign is place directly to the crossing of these paths. The position of the wayspot "Bildstock Sternbusch" next to that one gives you additional orientation.

In addition you can consider that one as a duplicate. The sign "Sternbusch" represents the same structure of that landscape as the waypots "⁣ Stationsstein Nr. 15 Kulturroute Bentlage - Sternbusch " does



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