Incorrect Wayspot Location

Title of the Wayspot: [ 롯데리아 천안차암 ]

Location: 36°50'29.00"N, 127° 6'16.32"E

City: Cheonan

Country: South Korea

Photos to support your claim:

google map Link :

Additional information:

The current location of the wayspot("롯데리아 천안차암") is not a "롯데리아 천안차암" (LOTTERIA hamburger restaurant  but a different store.

36°50'54 N, 127° 6'37 E

The actual "롯데리아 천안차암" is located across the street from Costco, as shown in the Google Earth captured the image above and attached as a Google Map (link).

36°50'29.00"N, 127° 6'16.32"E

I sincerely hope that the location will be corrected.



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