Eligible wayspot is always removed in bad faith by toxic player. Real in correct location

Title of the Wayspot: [Cidade Alerta]

Location: [-22.020908, -47.8976290]

City: [São Carlos]

Country: [Brazil]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [


Photos to support your claim: [


Additional information: [ This wayspot got approved several times, but keeps getting removed, I believe for someone malicious. I requested the City Alert waypots in the right place, it is an eligible urban art graffiti, in a safe area and in the city center. It is real and remains in exactly location, google maps and google views perfectly show the graffiti. I'm a YouTube content creator. I make videos about pokemon go. There is a group in my city that does not like me and so they asked to remove that waypots that was a gym in pokemon go. I applied again and it was approved, and again withdrew, and so three times. I helped the city a lot with several new points of pokestops. But even so, the person who hates me keeps taking this one off my street. As I said, it is something eligible, big, visually beautiful, in the right place and updated. But for bad faith of toxic person they are unfairly withdrawing. And if they do nothing about it, they will continue to withdraw.]


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