Appeal stuck please resolve or remove.


I am aware there are changes in the way appeals work. However, these changes appear to be inconsistent.

I'm a rather patient player since I know ingress portals can take years to be reviewed, particularly in dense areas. However this appeal appears to be stuck. Due to the inconsistencies that I've only just read here:

And also particularly given this recently successful appeal

And my other ones from 2021/2022 which have been recently resolved.

So, Could I please have a Niantic employee look at this particular one before I go and resubmit it clogging up the queue, have it denied for reasons that are ridiculous and then appeal it (again) so it goes to the top of the queue?

@NianticCasey-ING @NianticTintino @NianThib

Title of the Wayspot: Forklore Cafe

Location: can't find what was submitted but on Google maps -31.9440895,115.8457708

City: Perth

Country: Australia

Photos to support your claim:

Many thanks in advance.

From: A rather annoyed (usually) patient subscription player who is quickly losing patience with the inconsistencies of how appeals work and would have otherwise used an appeal on a different submission.

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