Appeal rejected invalid report

Hillcrest Sidewalk Improvement Project

34.757137, -92.319537

Little Rock

United States of America

I reported this as not existing or removed in my Pokémon GO account several years ago after being unable to locate.

Since I enjoy Ingress and Pikmin Bloom also, I try to use Ingress to report. I did last Friday. After being unable to locate again twice, I looked a third time. I would have submitted a better photo had I found what might have been there.

This gets a little more complicated. My friend lives an easy walk from there (not there now). The sculpture officially titled Community was not there the first time that I reported. I decided to use my Pokémon GO account to nominate that. Yes, the community (coincidence) decides to accept or reject that.

I have no issue if you review my nominations to see supporting photo also. My request is “this” be removed since it doesn’t exist.


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