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Existing Pokestop cannot be displayed in game

EONloveu-PGOEONloveu-PGO Posts: 24 ✭✭

Pokestop name: 無極 賢武天宮 (Wuji XianWu Temple)

Location: 25.128212,121.738626

City: Keelung, Taiwan

In my area, there is a Pokestop, which still exists in the game, but not only picture is not displayed, you can't get any item by turning cards, it just stuck there. Please refer to the video I provided, I click other Pokestops first, they are all normal, only this one does not work.

PS: I tried to restart the game, or ask other local players, or even come back to watch it after a few days, but it still doesn’t work.. I am very sure that this Pokestop was normal before.

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