Wayfarer Admins need to be reevaluated

How can I go about reporting decision making admin on such a horrible job that they do? They have shown little to no intelligence and I’m happy they are not court judges. This forum needs new admins that actually do a good job. This is hurting communities everywhere. Please link me where I can go to have all decision making admin up for review and responsible for their little to no intelligence decisions.


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    @MaxiumPitsSmell-ING I believe that all of the admins on this forum are Niantic employees or contractors.

    Also, this is an L1 Ingress account that completed training today in the same area where YouTight plays. If I had to guess I'd say it's probably related to this discussion, which is about this removal appeal, which just happens to have random accounts sharing the exact same screenshots as justification for its existence.

    On 3/24/2023: 22:01 (PDT) <MaxiumPitsSmell>completed their Agent Training

  • What are you talking about? I had to complete to sign in. What stop? I’m asking for a form.

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    Why would I need a removal appeal? Did you even read what I wrote? This is what I am talking about. Direct me to where I can file a complaint. Exactly what I be been observing in this forum. Just people who are not very helpful and claim I know someone I never even heard of. From reading terms of service isn’t accusing against the rules? Again, you accusing me of something I have nothing to do with. I came to the right thread for information. You have yet to give me. Does this make sense to you? I don’t even play ingress. I’ve read through many threads for the past few months. I have a list of information I’d like to present to leadership for a positive change in this community. Too much negativity which makes this community not so welcoming. And thank you for the thread link. Looks like you dropped the ball on that one too. I’ll add that to the list. So can you actually be helpful and direct me to where I need to go. I’d appreciate that.

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    Hello @MaxiumPitsSmell-ING

    To answer your question, I am not aware of a formal complaint mechanism.

    You could try raising a ticket by using the contact support in the wayfarer website.

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    > doesn't even play Ingress

    > signs in to this forum using Ingress account

    Yeah, seems legit to me.

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