Wayfarer Community is dropping geotags of photos

I found something strange. It's probably a bug in the backend of this discussion board.

When I want to include a photo in a post, there are two options: the "Upload Image" button and the "Upload File" button. I normally use "Upload Image" button because people can see the images inserted in the post, not a "download" button. And both methods preserve the geotags of photos. I have used this method for over a year now on this forum.

But my experiment shows that, at the time when I make this post, the "Upload Image" button will remove the geotags (or generally speaking, EXIF info) of the images. See the screenshot. I used two methods to upload the same image and then downloaded back.

This is frustrating because this has resulted in multiple of my appeals being rejected, because the photos are not geotagged. Hope there's an explanation soon.


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