Hiking trail marker

I know this has been discussed a thousand times but I couldn't find anything that resembles these marks. I would like to know what you guys think if they are eligible and meet the criteria to be accpeted.

Some of them are just painted on lamp posts and make the impression that they are not permanent or even fake. I provided some pics/screenshot as examples and a link as proof.


Thank you.


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    They should be, but you must make sure to provide enough information and evidence that these are indeed trail markers. Explain where the trail starts and ends, how long it is. Add a link to a website about the trail, and a trail map.

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    I see three obstacles to overcome that suggest you’ll really need your supporting information in order.

    First, many of these images are ineligible. The first one is much too dark, and several more show license plates in the background, which is an automatic rejection. Those will need to be replaced for nomination.

    The second issue is that these look all kinds of unofficial, like just anyone painted them. Not only do they appear to be painted and/or stuck on with little care, they’re on poles and electrical boxes, not even on their own signs. It looks much more like vandalism than an official route or trail.

    The third obstacle is that you’re in Germany, and we see many threads from Germany about the difficulty of getting trail signs approved even when they are very clearly official signage. I think your reviewers are going to be very harsh about these subjects.

    So, if nominated, these will need new images, good names, and extremely solid third party supporting information showing they are real, official, and permanent. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the quick response guys.

    The images were not meant to be used for nominations, more as an example of the trailmarkers around the area. I will take better ones for nominations.

    As for the second issue: Yes, they indeed make the impression of not being official. Unfortunately there are only few images of them on the internet aswell. The websites and trails are not well documented or updated regularly. I will need to search for more information on the specific trails.

    This is the only one that explains the signs and even shows examples:


    So the biggest obstacle for me now is: Getting them accepted. As you already mentioned lots of them get rejected in Germany. In my area they seem to be are really harsh on everything. I had to resubmit some waypoints that usually should be accepted any day of the week. I feel like they base their vote on pictures alone.

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    These trail markers are legitimate, although they are not put up by the public authorities. Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein is a volunteer association that maintains hiking trails and puts up the trail markers.


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    Thank you so much for sharing this information, very helpful!

    I plan on nominating a few wayspots in the coming days using the information and advice you've provided.

    I will make sure to keep you updated on how it developes.

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    The fact that it's an organisation/association that created these and is documented on a proper website gives these more authenticity so they have more chance of being accepted if you give the URLs.

    Unfortunately many will just look at the picture and think it's a fake trail without reading the description so you might have to submit multiple times before you get them through

  • Haskoman-PGOHaskoman-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Yes unfortunately, but I'm prepared to submit them multiple times. I don't want to waste any upgrades though since the rejection rates in my area seem to be really high. I've even had to resubmit waypoints such as playgrounds, football grounds, and information signs.

    I plan to experiment with nominating only stickers and see if they are more likely to be accepted than those that were just painted on. It would be interesting to compare the acceptance rates of those. Additionally, comparing markers placed in the woods versus those in town could yield interesting results as well.

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    Ehm, ok? How are trail markers now normal and have no significance?


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    Can I check what happened with this one.

    Please can you say

    when it was first nominated,

    when upgrade was applied

    when you got community decision to reject

    when you appealed

    when you got the result of the appeal.

  • Haskoman-PGOHaskoman-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    2023-04-01 - Nominated

    2023-04-01 - Upgraded

    2023-04-05 - Entered voting

    2023-04-05 - Rejected

    2023-04-05 - Appealed

    2023-04-10 - Entered Niantic review

    2023-04-11 - Rejected

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