My WaySpots have been approved on multiple occasions, but still don't show up in the game...

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Yes, I completely understand the reasoning as to why, when it comes to the proximity of it being too close to something else that is already existent in the game. So here lies my conundrum that leads into my inquiry:

Let's say that the nomination could have seemingly been marked anywhere on the location, but I chose a corner of say, a building for example, that made it too close to another and therefore it didn't show up even though it was deemed eligible. The point being picked could have been arbitrarily changed to the opposing corner of building, as there are multiple entrances, and that would have made it far away enough to make it in and not conflict.

So now, the question is this: Is there a way for me to go back and edit the location I originally chose, that would in no way invalidate my referral? Or even to fully delete it so I could fully resubmit it from scratch? Because if I were to try to go into the game to resubmit it again, now it would just get bounced back as a duplicate, so am I in some way able to "resubmit with edits" or is it now just a good idea essentially found dead in the water, so to speak, with no way to correct it for inclusion?

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    So over a week after first posting this, I think "no answer is an answer" in that the answer is just no simply no, I'm out of luck here... 😕😞

    Very discouraging, not gonna lie.


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