Rural area discrimination?lack of POIs? Cells improvements

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Hello, i know all about cells and stuff, nominated a lot of POIs already, but what I'm curious of, is there a way to actually add more POI in one cell? OR is it gonna be improved in the future?

The reason I'm asking is I'm living in the rural area and as a pretty huge amount of players like me i have a lack of POIs. Why? Cause when it's a small village with a center point where all things happens... There's like playground, cross, some info boards ... And it's all in one cell... You know how it works ... One cell one POI ... That's very unfair considering cities when there's clusters of pokestops, imo it's discrimination towards dedicated players which are not living in a city...

How do we can change that for game to be more exciting for players in smaller areas? It's a shame Niantic did not anything in that matter yet...

It's all about going out meeting people, how can you hang out and spend good time with friends when you can't max out experience from the game?


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    Short answer: you don't.

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    I see your point.

    In my mid-sized town we have a cell with 7 registered wayspots, the surrounding 8 cells have 1 - just one, not 1 in each of the 8 cells (and there are no PoI candidates whatsoever in these 8 cells!)

    Don't think that Niantic will make any change to accomidate the problem though...

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    It's not "discrimination" when the rules are applied in the same way across all locations. That's kind of the opposite of discrimination

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    Last year the ambassador program was tasked with addressing the needs of rural areas.

    Sadly, nothing has come of that to-date, but it may be some small consolation that Niantic is aware of the gap in their service and the disparity in the gameplay capacity of rural vs urban players (TBH, it should not be any consolation at all; it should be maddening that Niantic is aware of their own shortcomings and sees no need to actually change anything to address them).

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    They are specific game issues, not Wayfarer issues, so please visit the specific game's help chat or Campfire channel.

    (The Wayfarer team does not have the authority to change the rules of a particular game in the first place)

    And, There was a discussion on the forum regarding the rural and remote wayspot that @X0bai-PGO is talking about, and I asked @NianticTintino to tell me what the Wayfarer team's definition of rural and remote is, but I have not received a response.

    Well, I personally think that Niantic's idea of POI does not fit well with that particular game. So I hope the game team will build a game system that does not rely on POIs.

    There are Good location-based games in Japan that have studied the weaknesses of that particular game very well, so I hope they can learn from them.

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    If only there was a way to move things in voting…

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    Listen, here's what I'm going to say about rural areas:

    I've driven to rural areas to add stops. Most of the time (but not all), there are a lot more things that could be added to the game. (And I'm talking PGO here, not Ingress.) What I've found is that local Wayfarers often stop when they flip a single gym, meaning 2 POI in a cell. They ignore the fact that there may be 2 more things in that cell that could appear in PGO. While there may not yet be enough things for a second gym, adding all the possible POI now, means there is less work to do later if an eligible thing appears. More stops also means more things to spin and get research from.

    I think too many Wayfarers also only want a stop or gym as close as possible to their house. They forget that just down the road there may be a church that has 3 things eligible to be added to the game. Sure, they'll have to walk or drive to the corner, but that's better than having to go all the way to "town."

    Last year, I drove to a small town 2 hours away. I found 39 things that I thought were worth a shot at submitting, including a sports park that only had 1 existing stop and 1 gym. I have kinda lost count now, but I think I added 30 POI to that small town, plus one appeal that just came through this morning.

    Last month, I drove to a small town an hour away from me (based on a nomination I saw in this forum). I nominated 27 things without going to the center of "town," all on the outskirts. Another one of my locals had coincidentally driven through the downtown are of this little town and gotten a few things approved just a few weeks earlier. So far, 6 things were rejected from that trip - 2 of those I will appeal, 1 thing I already have appealed. 1 thing is still in voting, 2 things are on hold because they were back ups in cells in case the main thing wasn't accepted. I will take them off hold so the Ingress players can get 2 more POI. One of the things I got accepted was a local breakfast grill. It was a YOLO but I was there, so I wrote the nomination as well as I could.

    My point is that there is often WAY more stuff that can be added if you learn to really see the map and the area with the idea of maximizing nominations (and, no, I don't mean abusing placement). A lot of rural players also don't have experience writing nominations in a way that will improve their chances of being accepted. So much of this can be fixed by our own effort. If I could go around adding Wayspots to small towns for a living, I would happily do it. But people have to learn to try for themselves. People like me can't be everywhere.

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    You definitely have to have an “eye” for wayfarer. I notice things I used to never notice. And now, of course, I actively look for things I never used to. Every restaurant I enter I look for a mural. Every church I look for a playground or fountain.

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    I just wanted to agree with SeaprincessHNB-PGO about rural areas. A couple of weeks ago I started submitting things in my small town that had maybe 8 total Waypoints. I have had 6 added already and submitted about 25 more. Picnic areas, playgrounds, footbridges and community boards are things I have found several examples of and stand a decent shot of being approved. And don't fudge placement, but be aware of it because many things occupy 2 or more cells.

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    I think one of the biggest issues is that those of us who know how to read the maps, read the cells, and find eligible things that others have not thought of need to be able to transfer that knowledge to those who don't. Me driving a distance to spend one day adding things in an area is nice, but it doesn't solve the main problem. Rural players have to be the right level to submit (which may be difficult for casual rural players), invested in learning this complicated system, and want to spend the time actually doing it. By adding things myself, my hope is that I can stir up some interest in the local WF community. I am encouraged by people like @SnerbtheNerb-PGO deciding to get involved!

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    I know how cells works, also i dont like moving stuff... BUT also i dont see a point when theres so much DIFFERENCE in location... noone would accept this lol :D and i am aware wayfayer is clogged enough already... THATS why im saying there could be an improvement ... cause it could looks way cooler... and often we could spot a places in towns when theres much more than one pokestop in one cell

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    I'm sorry, I don't think English is your first language. I'm having trouble understanding your point.

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    Here´s the king of rural wayfarer.

    I do solely submit in rural and remote areas here in the midst of germany.

    I can only sign what @SeaprincessHNB-PGO said. My experience is that people just submit something and dont see or care what is next to it.

    You have to look for different things than in big towns. Small towns and rural and remote areas here mostly DO have things to submit. Just check maps, check things like our and -> theres always alot of information there.

    If you do live in a little remote town, be sure that you wont be able to play in that town much, you WILL have to go to different parts of your area.

    Niantic wont change the cell-limits for remote and rural areas, you have to get out and walk. Walk and find out what the area has to offer. There isnt anything else you can do.

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    Things in cities are accepted easier:

    If a residential urban building or parking wall has a s**y Bob Spongebob chalk drawing that will last 1 week, sure it's accepted.

    If an old rural house has in its facade an old 300yr stone cross, it's rejected bc "private property"

    People don't care about history or accesibility of things in rural areas. They just want moderns graffities from TV shows, out of this, rejected for random reason. I'm sick of this, so I'm stopped making and voting proposals.

    And yes, that's a rant, I don't care, go ****¨** yourselves, perfect wayfarers.

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