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Wayfarer App "Provisional Wayspot" AND Niantic VOTING

00xKenshi-PGO00xKenshi-PGO Posts: 26 ✭✭

Hello Niantic

Ive Submitted a Wayspot few Months ago in the Wayfarer app and its marked as "Provisional Wayspot"

NOW The Problem. Long Time Ago, ive submitted the exact same Wayspot via Pokemon Go, the Spot was originaly rejected by voters and ive made an apeal. niantic look at the apeal and they marked the wayspot as "dublicate" BUT the Problem is: its not a dublicate! its only a provisional wayspot in the wayfarer app and the wayspot did not apear in ANY Niantic GAME!

Can you check it please and make a correct decision? Reject it or accept it and remove the "provisional" tag that the spot apear or disapear in your system correctly.

thank you very much for looking into it

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