How are all of these K-12 submissions being accepted?

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I thought Cutler-Orosi was a community park until I got to location verification. It's in the middle of 3 schools. A Google search reveals this is part of a unified school district plan. The sign for the complex also states that it's a unified school district complex.

Am I missing something? I didn't think there was any wiggle room for anything on K-12 property?

Neat place and the community is encouraged to use it. This place is new and adding on all the time. Just curious if there's something I'm missing?



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    Only the basketball courts are "acceptable", although that's only for NBA All-World game at which it will no longer sync new Wayspots into the game.

    For the remaining, just use support chat to remove them all.

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    First off, there is supposed to be wiggle room for outdoor basketball courts on K-12, though we haven't seen that actually go into effect.

    Secondly, I don't think you're going to get good answers here. This is completely based on the agreement your city has with the school district. I have a park near me that runs up against an elementary school. From the park, it is very hard to tell which fields belong to the park and which to the school. I had to call someone at the school to ask them which ones were theirs. Then I posted a map in my local discord explaining to anyone who wanted to submit POI which fields were off limits. But this is just a handshake deal that we abide by. Based on the map, it would be very easy for someone to come along and submit those fields and get them approved.

    Strangers across the globe certainly can't tell you what is going on here.

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    I'm positive they everything in that complex will go through. All the pictures are beautiful and submissions are done fabulously except that they are part of a school.

    I can understand why they are being accepted given that this school district planned to share some spaces with the community and it definitely does not **** "school" at this size and scale. I guess there didn't seem to be a gray area about schools until just now, 4000 plus reviews later.

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    My understanding for basketball courts is that we are still supposed to reject them under the rejection criteria, but if the nominator tags thems correctly when submitting, they should go to Niantic Review instead for approval for NBA:AS only. Approval through the normal queue would result in the nomination appearing in all games, which is something that Niantic doesn't want.

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    From Niantic:

    Any outdoor basketball courts that are nominated and are located on school grounds should NOT be automatically rejected but reviewed like an eligible nomination.

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