Where's Private property End?

What is the definition of private residence?

And where does the game say it ends?

If Apartments, Condos, and parks say private property tenants and guests only. Doesn't that make them ineligible?

Most sidewalks that are adjacent to city streets are actually public property. Cities typically own a right of way that includes not only the street itself, but also the land adjacent to the roadway. This usually includes the sidewalk and, in some municipalities, even extends some distance past the sidewalk, and very public.

A sidewalk is more of a Common area, in a neighborhood, than a playground in a circle of Condominiums. There they can tell you it's private property and you need to leave.

And that gives people in single family Condos , apartments and private parks an unfair advantage to homeowners. Kinda discrimination against home owners. That's why people who live in rural areas get upset and leave the game. It should be fair for everyone, not just people huddled in masses. We have things that are the very same kinda nominations, people in privately owned condos have, and their Wayspots are ones they can only use in some cases. Because it's private property unless you know someone that lives there. They need to make it fun for Everyone. I would like a gym or two and four spinners I could reach from my front room, while watching TV. Just kidding but you all have seen it. Allowing Condos, Apartments, and Private parks to do this is discrimination against homeowners, because they're people's houses and private property also. I can see not allowing on a large ranch or large property's that you can't reach a spinner on. But on a public sidewalk should be OK.


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