Title edit appeal - wayspot Barniącyma Pòmòrską 1939

Title of the Wayspot: Barniącyma Pòmòrską 1939

Location: 54.35022/18.64845

City: Gdańsk

Country: Poland

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: Please change the name of the wayspot back to its original name, which was an inscription visible on the monument "Obrońcom Wybrzeża 1939".

This is a monument commemorating defenders of Polish coast during beginning of WWII in 1939.

Current name is an offense to those commemorated by the monument as well as a taunt of Polish history, language and player community. Whoever was responsible for both the name change as well as rejection of valid request to restore it should be punished by Niantic.



  • Godocz-PGOGodocz-PGO Posts: 162 ✭✭

    During World War II, Kashubia played an important role in defending the territory of Gdańsk Pomerania, including the city of Gdańsk. Despite the fact that many people associate Kashubia with holidays and tourism, this region has a rich history, and its inhabitants fought for the freedom of their country.

    At the outbreak of war in 1939, Gdańsk and Gdańsk Pomerania were on the front line of fighting between the German **** forces and Polish military units. Military units consisting of Kashubians also took part in the defense of the city and the region.

    Kashubia was one of the most important areas of fighting for Gdańsk Pomerania. With the advent of the German offensive, the fighting moved to Kashubia, where it lasted for several days. Kashubian soldiers faced the German **** forces that tried to break through the Polish defense lines.

    During the fighting in Kashubia, the local population played a key role in defending the territory. Kashubians, for various reasons, were not entirely interested in joining the war. However, German attacks forced Kashubians to leave their homes and join the fight. Many young Kashubians joined the army and fought side by side with Polish soldiers.

    Despite the difficult conditions, Polish and Kashubian troops successfully carried out several anti-wall operations. In the vicinity of Chojnice, Polish and Kashubian soldiers successfully stopped the German attacks, and the German forces were forced to withdraw.

    However, the battles for Gdańsk and Gdańsk Pomerania lasted only for a few weeks. After the capitulation of Poland, the German authorities occupied the region and carried out reprisals against the Polish population, including Kashubians.

    Today, the memory of the Kashubian struggle for the country's freedom is an important element of Kashubian identity and Polish history. Kashubia and its inhabitants deserve recognition and respect for their fight during World War II, and their heroic attitude should be remembered and commemorated

  • KotOtaki-PGOKotOtaki-PGO Posts: 83 ✭✭✭

    @Godocz-PGO once again you add your pointless comments to the message which is not for you. This is an title appeal thread and not Hyde Park.

    Let me tell you this, there is no single person in the world who speaks Kashubian but doesn't speak Polish, but there are millions who speak Polish and don't understand Kashubian. We players should make the game more accessible for everyone, not destroy it. If you don't like Niantic games play something else.

    Niantic gave players a Wayfarer tool to help make their games better, ask yourself if any of your changes served this purpose?

    I would ask you again to respect your native language - Polish language - and your country but apparently this is pointless in your case.

  • Godocz-PGOGodocz-PGO Posts: 162 ✭✭

    I would like to ask you to respect the Kashubian culture and speak about it with respect. Although we live in Poland, it is Kashubian land that has its own unique cultural and linguistic heritage. Therefore, it is important to treat it with respect and appreciate its value. Following the principles of mutual respect helps to create better relations between different cultures and promotes tolerance and understanding

  • NianticOtoStarNianticOtoStar Posts: 1,281 admin

    Hi there, @KotOtaki-PGO! Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made the necessary changes to the title of the Wayspot.

  • KotOtaki-PGOKotOtaki-PGO Posts: 83 ✭✭✭

    Hello @NianticOtoStar

    The wayspot in question has been maliciously renamed again to the name which is bad again. New name "Dwa miecze" - "Two swords" is offensive in my opinion for this commemorative obelisk and it also contains a letter which doesn't exist in Polish alphabet - accented "e".

    Is it really not possible to ban perpetrators? How long this situation needs to continue?

  • astelitt-INGastelitt-ING Posts: 1 ✭✭
    edited April 30

    @Godocz-PGO Jeśli dobrze widzę to napis na pomniku brzmi: "Obrońcom Wybrzeża" a nie: "Barniącyma Pòmòrską". Zatem użycie jakiejkolwiek kaszubskiej nazwy jest bezzasadne.

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