What's the point?

My wife and I played pretty hard and were excited when we could start submitting stop locations. With a few trials, we learned what works to submit, and we got a few accepted (10+). We reviewed thousands of others to gain lots of upgrades. We recently decided to cash in on these upgrades, but we've been having difficulty getting submissions through. What's the point of upgrading? They are perfect submissions (meets all the requirements, great picture, and description) but are rejected right away for criteria that isn't even true. For example, we submitted a huge mural painting found in the science building at a college. Gets rejected for "K-12 school." Colleges are fair game, and this was clearly stated in the details and seen on google maps. We were trying to fill in a dead spot of the campus with a pretty picture of the universe. For Another example, we submitted a picture of a statue of a whale skeleton, which was rejected as "inappropriate." Sure, we can appeal, but those can take a year or more (I've done it). Instead of the few weeks, like we were expecting. Meanwhile, we see so much junk stops (poor picture, uninteresting junk) get submitted or even make it through. It's really disappointing and discourages us from even participating.


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    I waited 27 months just for mine to be rejected since nobody looked at it in that time. I've submitted 5 or 6 stops and had plenty of "agreements" and spent hours reviewing other nominations and never gotten a single stop I nominated approved.

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