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20 POIs not creating new gym in cell

1052STATE-PGO1052STATE-PGO Posts: 13 ✭✭✭
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I found an S14 cell with exactly 18 POI, and purposely submitted two additional POI to make 20 in the cell, with the anticipation that a new gym would be created. But there was no new gym. The two Wayspots I submitted were part of that known calibration error that put upgraded nominations to In Voting by Niantic.

Can you please look into my issue? Screenshots are attached proving there are 20 POI in the cell, and only two gyms exist in that cell (instead of 3).

The coordinates are:

Top left: (49.9009740, -97.1488534)

Top right: (49.9007061, -97.1448467)

Bottom left: (49.8967424, -97.1476828)

Bottom right : (49.8966619, -97.1437554)

Gyms in cell:

  • Central Park Fountain
  • Western Paint Mural
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