POI Within Buildings

So, I recently had a nomination rejected for "Other Rejection Reason" and "Mismatched Location". It was a concert hall. It is located in my University's Music Center. This Music Center has class rooms, recording studios, music labs, rooms with history displays, ect. It also has two big concert halls. One is called the Liberty Concert Hall, the other is called the Oldham Recital Hall.

With the basic description out of the way, my question is: are rooms within buildings eligible as their own POI? If the Music Center already has a POI, could I also nominate the concert hall? I've been repeatedly told on the Wayfarer Subreddit that you cannot nominate a room within a building. That only the building itself can be the POI. When asking for where the criteria that states this is, I get nothing. Furthermore, I've nominated Game Rooms, Ball Rooms, Fitness Stations, ect. all within a building that has its own POI. Those have been accepted just fine. Even the Liberty Concert Hall is a separate POI from the Music Center POI. So why am I told that I cannot submit this one as well.

Lastly, my original question to the Subreddit was how I could prove the location is accurate? It's in a building and hard to see. The website for the concert hall doesn't give directions, just a schedule for when it will be in use. With Google Photospheres being discontinued...I'm not sure how I can prove the location is accurate. Other than to trust that a recital hall is located in a Music Center.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Any clarifications would be greatly appreciated!


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    Weird advice, permanent museum displays and church artifacts inside the building can be a POI in itself. Probably reading the note on playgrounds and applying it everywhere.

    Probably should highlight how the room is distinct enough of a POI from the building itself. The Music Center is a place to do all kinds of musical stuff but one could argue that the halls are related to specific activities that are still musically-involved (concerts and recitals). Similar to how a large cathedral may have an adoration chapel or a specific shrine.

    As for proving the location, aren't there any pin on the maps or a social media page that can be linked in the supporting? Or a floorplan of the center with the halls indicated? Visual proof of location is the easiest evidence that can be provided but should not be the only deciding factor IMHO.

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