Help please with understanding rejection..low quality photo?

This wayspot was rejected from low quality photo. I signed out and signed in 3 times to try to trigger any other possible rejection reasons. It's the only one coming up.

The way the sun hits the building there is some shading in the name of the building, but I'm honestly at a loss as to why this was rejected. It is till clear. The sun passes across this building in such a way that at all times during the day part of the name is shaded like this.

What am I doing wrong? There is basically no way to take a photo without the shade effect, unless I were to take it on a rainy day in which case it will probably be rejected for low quality photo because it wouldn't be bright enough.

I would also like to say that I'm not experienced as some of you, but I have had about 125 other accepted nominations and this is the first time I've seen this rejection reason on one of my submissions.


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    I always like taking photos of difficult buildings when there is an overcast or cloudy day. While it won't eliminate the shadow from the eaves, the softer light will make them less pronounced. Another good time for soft light is the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset, also referred to as the "Golden Hour".

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    Another thing to think about is to have Captree Commons fill more of the frame. Not that it is not large enough already, but if the glass windows, hedges, and branches were not as prominent it may get a different reaction from reviewers. And more of a straight on view would help. Just a few thoughts. Personally I like the pic for the main nomination pic. Good Luck.


    Thanks. I'll resubmit with more of a closeup main pic and less shading. I was there today and took some more photos, and the shading effect is actually a little better earlier in the morning when I'm usually not there, but was today. Today's picture came out better. I'll try that. Thanks.

    This is one of those submissions that I know will get in because it definitely meets criteria... it's just a question of resubmitting and hoping that the reviewers like my presentation enough.

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    I think it was rejected because you zoomed in the photo a lot, instead of walking up to it. When you zoom in a lot, the picture tends to get 'pixel-y' on digital cameras/phones, and I notice that especially when comparing your nomination photo with your supporting photo (which you didn't zoom that much). You can see it best when you look at the hedge.

    I don't know if I would have rejected it for it, but there's certainly room for improvement.


    Just an update. I resubmitted and it was accepted.

    After discovering that there was a time of day that I usually wasn't there that had better lighting/less shading, I took a new photo and tried again with the main photo focused on the name of the building, less on the surroundings. Got accepted today. This was a nice, fast turnaround time too. Thanks again!

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    That’s great news and that photo is so much better.

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