Where can I see if my edits are being voted on?

I have this pokemon gym in San Angelo, TX that is named Pin-Up Burrito Lady. It was located inside a Freebirds Burritos. It has since closed and is now named House of Teriyaki. I edited the entire thing, submitting a new photo of a ramen wall painting, renamed the title to The Great Ramen as that is what the mural is called, and changed the description from Change of Business to something like Enjoy Ramen Yum Yum Yum. I received an email that my photo was accepted, but nothing yet on the title or description.

In the email I received from Wayfarer it says that I could see the edits I made in the contribution section of their website, but I checked it and all I see are new stops that I submitted, nothing with the edited ones. Is there a way I can view all my edit contributions? Thank you.


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