Kap Arkona

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Title of the Wayspot: Kap Arkona, Svantevit

Location: 54.679542,13.432577

Additional information: The Wayspot is in the correct location. He also has photos, which are fine. But the title sucks.


Title of the Wayspot: Leuchtfeuer Kap Arcona/ Rügen

Location: 54.679492,13.432702

Additional information: The location is wrong. The correct location is: "54.679643, 13.432467".

On top of that, you might think it's a duplicate of the other wayspot. However, as the description of the Wayspot shows, this is not the case. Because it is supposed to represent the tower to the right of the lighthouse. Only this Wayspot has received a lot of photos, which only show the lighthouse instead of this tower.

Only the photo shown shows only the correct tower. All other photos should be removed after location correction so it can no longer be mistaken for a duplicate.



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