Nominations in French - Can we filter it out?

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I live in Canada, so I know it's fair that occasionally, I receive a nomination from Quebec and other French-speaking parts of Canada to review. The problem is I am not fluent in French, so when these nominations pop up, I am not in a position to judge whether or not they are acceptable POIs. I even hesitate to review the "obvious" ones, because I don't want to risk making assumptions. I resort to skipping all the French nominations that pop up until I run out of skips, and the only thing left for me to do is wait for the timer elapse for the nomination. Is there any way for us to adjust the settings so I don't receive nominations in French? Or is this something that can be looked at in the future?



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    As things currently stand, Niantic expects you to use a translation tool (such as Google Translate) to aid in reviewing foreign language nominations. Google Translate is usually fairly good at doing French to English and vice versa (at least, good enough for the purposes of reviewing). I can appreciate it won't necessarily be 100% accurate all the time though.

    We don't know if Niantic will ever change how this works.

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    I use the Chrome browser, it can translate web pages automatically.

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    I'm German and get many nominations from the netherlands, belgium, france, spain and so on and it's really annoying. I don't speak any of thier languages. Sometimes I just give 5* for description, if it's just long.

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    as others said, using google translate isnt that big of a deal if you are doing ANYTHING in the internet.

    Als Deutscher bricht man sich keinen Zahn ab, aus den Nachbarländern etwas zu bewerten. Danke das du es annimmst.

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