Invalid rejected appeal. Is Niantics Appeal-Crew even able to use Google Maps?

Title of the Wayspot: Infoschild Grossmarkt Hamburg

Location: 53.543397 , 10.0106

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information: Today i had this appeal rejected because Niantic wasn't able to confirm the location of the object telling me to resubmit with a supporting image"showing the object and it's location with respect to the background". And i'm seriously wondering if the person working on this even took a look at Google Maps.

First of all for everyone wondering: this is an information board about the Hamburg wholesale marked. It's the begining of a series of 6 signs along a pedestrian/bicycle-way telling people about the history, organisation and importance of the wholesale marked in a harbour city like Hamburg.

This is the supporting image i used for the nomination. In the additional Information i even mentioned to look for the change in the road surface (red pavement to grey asphalt) and the bridge in the background to confirm the location.

For this post I marked a bunch of distinctive things you should be able to see on Google Maps as well in it. The sign itself is in the red circle.

Here is how the location looks on Google Maps. Again with the same things circled.

And it becomes even more clear if you use the oblique view of Google Maps. THERE YOU CAN EVEN SEE THE SIGN ITSELF!

Now you may think "but there is a car parked blurring the view of the sing" ... Here is the oblique view turned by 180°

You can even see the road markings visible in the main picture on Google Maps.

I'm seriously wondering if the person working on this appeal even took more than 10 seconds looking at Google Maps trying to find the object...


  • laneyflitt-INGlaneyflitt-ING Posts: 34 ✭✭

    I don't think you've posted this in the correct place. This is for appealing reported wayspots to be removed, not for reporting that your appealing your rejected new wayspot. I think you're just going to have to submit it again and hope for the best.

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