Five months no appeal answer?

Just looking to get an update on my appeal. I also think the reasoning is pretty weak. This is an area where people eat lunch (it’s a courtyard also) and some people use the courtyard to sit and relax and it’s a community spot for patients and workers. It’s outside and yet in the center of the hospital. It wouldn’t affect patient care or anything. Is it the greatest photo, no but you also can’t see the flaws unless you look really close at the photo


  • GMiles987-PGOGMiles987-PGO Posts: 23 ✭✭

    Tbh the flaws are clear even at a quick glance. You took the photo through a window (I can see glare/reflection) and there's a fence in the way of the actual subject. Appeals take an unreasonably long time. You'd probably have better luck just going over into the courtyard yourself and taking a better picture without anything in the way. A quality photo will definitely boost the chances of it being accepted by a lot. And just make sure it's a well-written explanation about its location so no one thinks it's blocking emergency access.

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