Photo mistaken of the building in front of the described one

Title of the Wayspot: [cementerio de sella]

Location: [38.608737,-0.26826]

City: [Sella]

Country: [Spain]

Photos to support your claim:

-Current photo of the Wayspot:

On this photo you can see the entrance of an historical castle in the town (El castillo/xalet del belga), but the Wayspot is referring to the local cemetery (with some history behind, more info here:

Correct/expected photo:

This photo represents the entry to the local cemetery which is surrounded by a park with benches and nice views, as you can see on the followings photos:

From the real entrance to the cemetery you can actually spot the entrance to the historical castle (which has a post made by the town hall to document the history behind: that was mistaken with the real cemetery:

Additional information:

Furthermore, the location is mistaken by 30-40 meters as explained on the following photo.

Current location: [38.608737,-0.26826]

Correct/real location: [38.6090988288819, -0.26809454190447485]

Thanks for your attention!



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