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Language filter too strict

MennoLente-PGOMennoLente-PGO Posts: 82 ✭✭✭

After encountering this issue many times before, I'm now sufficiently annoyed to post this as a bug.

First, it is sensible to have a filter, to prevent people from using inappropriate language. But because reviewers are language filters with brains, and not, unlike the filter, fooled by character substitution, the language filter is obsolete, and a problem itself rather than a solution.

I am aware of workarounds like changing language, but that has it's own bugs (terrible translation: shops and malls, directional signs and trail markers, etc. translated with the same word when choosing category), or simply rephrasing the text.

This time I encountered one that could not be rephrased. Het bomvrije arsenaal in Terneuzen (literally the bomb free arsenal Terneuzen) is is actual title. The only way it is known. There is ALWAYS an "arse" in "arsenaal".

But now I'm wondering: how got this one (below) approved, when I can't even nominate aan actual historic building that contains the letters "arse"?

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