historic buliding, information board, local shop, sitting area in a park denied-what else nominate?

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I have a few questions how to improve these nominations because the reasons for denying them are wrong:

1, This is a historic log cabin with unique architecture from the late haIf 18th century (it is an exact replica made using historic techniques as the originl was moved to a museum few decades ago because of its unique architecture), it is used as a cabin and sometimes rented as a cabin (so it is not a "single family home" propery), there is a sidewalk right next to it...but it was deemed as a private residence or a farm by rewiers

2, The secound one is a sitting area in a little park Na korábku (it does not have any sign)...this was deemed as a natural feature (not sure since when are two benches in front of a small bridge for walking only, with flower bed with decorative plants conected by a pathway is something that occurs naturarly...)

3, the next one is a local grocery shop (the only one for a few kilometes)-it is a small shop where everyone knows everyone (and een if you go just for a milk you will spend time there because people want to talk), it is also partialy owned by the village and provides information and a place to get in to contact with citty officials. It has only 3 parking spots on the right and the rest of that sidevalk is elevated so it has quite a lot of place there

I agree that the photo is bad (with housi in a distance making it look close when in fact it is quite far away) and I will make a beter one but a reason of "of private property or a farm" and "not sutable location" just seeems odd as this has clear sign "smíšené zboží" saying its a shop and shops in rural areas are a natural meeting spot because of the lack of other places to socialize

4, and the last one is this sign that offeres information on cultural and sport events, dates of waste colection, inforamtion about elections... This sign is made of wood (as we are in walachia region this is supposed to mimic the historic bulidings we have here). It has been there for years but it has been deemed as "seasonal or temporarly". It is again right beside a sidewalk so safley accesable.


If not architectonicly interesting buliding, sitting areas in a park, the only local shop, information boards (or some of my previous attemts to nominate things like historical wiers, community rock gardens, historic boundary stones)...than what else there is to nominate a poekstop because this rewiev proces looks deeply flawed from what I have seen so far.

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    Quite often it depends on the entire nomination, it would be beneficial to add some information: What did you put in the description? What additional information did you add to bolster your nomination? Do these objects show up in streetview?

    1) It's best to nominate a plaque of the historical building, without a plaque or some sign, it's unlikely to pass.

    2) Even though the criteria has changed and they're more accepting to benches (not that all benches are accepted), it's still extremely hard to get those through. I honestly wouldn't even nominate the bench.

    3) A regular grocery store isn't going to get accepted. You need a mural in the grocery store, maybe a sculpture, a water fountain, etc.

    4) Most community boards are acceptable, but the best chance of it getting accepted is if the community board says community board on it. I would appeal this nomination though, as long as it appears on the streetview.

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    The rough translation I already put here.

    As a live in a small village with 1 500 inhabitans in one of the poorest regions thhere is no way anyone sane would waste money on signs/plaques (especially when you can ask locals-that is te engagment our mayor is promoting)-as this village has been here since 1361 there are A LOT of important bulidings more tan few centuries old with unique architecture, legends (like a place by an old tree that is supposed to have entrance to secret tunel wit a tresure that bandits left tere-and I already know this would be denied nomination too even with te excact page number from a legends book that desribes it), places of birth of important people. This is not a city where you can see siggns on every step but a poor valachian village

    the only thing in that little park are the benches (again there are no finances to make a sign) so it would represent the whole park that why I nominated it as a sitting area and not a bench in a park

    that grocery shop-as I said it is partially owned by the village and has also te function of a mini info center for people living far from the town hall (as quite a lot of people do not own cars)

    well right now you can see on that photo there are information about fotball match, music event and recreation of the WW2 battle and danerous waste colection.... the problem here is the street view was taken DURING the construction of the sidewalks (in this part of the village-the rest is as old as 2012) you can see there is sometin happening there but it is not clear what-so maybe wait till winter and take photo than to prove it is not seasonal ?

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    Oh man, you are picking such tough nuts to crack!

    1) Reviewers hate fences so a portion of mobile users will reject this based on the image alone without even reading the title. Make an attractive looking upclose image of that house or a part of it that doesn't show surroundings and emphasizes that it's historical and not just a random house. Make that your main image. At the very least, it forces reviewers to read through your text. If you can find any article about it make a screenshot of it and put it as your second image. If you can establish it's historical, you have a decent chance to get this accepted within a couple attempts. Only a small % of reviewers truly knows what Niantic means by "private residence" and it gets used on any buildings, even restaurants.

    2) You can get a seating area accepted, but it's hard. I got one accepted the other day, but it has 4 benches, yours has only 2. Even if you nominate it as a park, it would be tough. I would instead nominate the bridge next to it, that has the best chance.

    3) This probably has no chance, even in you make perfect explanations. Not sure if Niantic could be convinced on the social aspect, but that would probably be the only way.

    4) This has a chance, but would need a couple attempts (or appeal as suggested above). Also make your picture straight. Ocassionaly someone will incorrectly reject it for "Orientation" and with this kinda nomination, you don't want to leave any loose ends.

    I had a quick look around your village. There is a ton of things in the western part of it that could be nominated. There is, however, not much in the eastern part where I found some of your noms just by driving around in Seznam Panorama. A few suggestions: a) across the bus stop, the wooden house has an ornament at the top, if you make a detailed upclose image of it (might need an actual camera), you can get it approved; b) I have seen a couple bridges. If they are leading somewhere (other than someone's house), you can try those; c) if there is a waterpump around somewhere, it also has a chance; d) one of the bridges has a sign with "sdfi" next to it. not sure what it says, but maybe it could have a chance.

    The reviewing system is designed for easy and straightforward things to get approved. The reason for that is that you need an overwhelming amount of reviewers to approve your nom with just a handful of rejections to get it approved. If half the people reject your nom, it won't get approved. If it is something controversial, unusual or hard to understand, you might need to go to extraordinary lengths to get it approved. If you are relatively new to this, I would maybe focus on the western part of the village first. Also make sure you have english support text, as it will get reviewed by people from Poland, Austria and Hungary.

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    The first thing just really doesn't meet criteria. It's not actually a historic building, it's a replica of a historic building. Well, OK, that could be eligible if the point of the replica was to educate people on how buildings used to be or what life was like back then. But this is just a rental property. Meh. That doesn't sound interesting to me at all.

    The information board could be eligible but this one looks like it is just showing ads, not useful community info. Maybe a photo showing more interesting things on display would have a better chance of being approved.

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    the house has not only old agrotechnological machines around it (one is in the left) but in the "lobby" there are not only historic photos but also showcase how exactly they replicated the old buliding methods. Also I think that perfect copy of historic buliding showing how people usted to live (even such a small thing like small doors showing that people were shorter back than) is important thing. But I understand that not all people are excited by recreations using historic methods

    on the information board you can se invitation to reanactment of WW2 battle with partysans that happend here, you can see invitation to a music event that is organised by the mayor ("focus") that is happening in local amfiteatr, the purple one was I think invitation to country festival in Bystřička and the one on bottom left is old invitation to fotball match-it is supposed to be a place to show interesting cultural and sport events

    here is the current one that has invitation to fotbal match Liptál x Leskovec (the purple one) and the one in the top right corner is invitation to showcase talented violin players by local art school ZUŠ Morava (and the green one that has just a corner wisible was a invitation to earth day where we cleaned trash from public spaces to bags we were given by the village-I added the original poster in its whole size below the information board)

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    I would approve the community board.

    But I'm still confused about how the cabin is used. I think language is an issue here. To me a cabin is a place to sleep. I do approve sleeping cabins that are exclusively at locations designed to be vacation destinations - but the kind of places I'm thinking of would have lots of cabins. I can't think of an example of there being a single cabin that I'd approve.

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    for the community board-I should probably use the secound picture I added here in replies or take one that is not at an angle?

    I´m not sure how to call it other than cabin (it is called Roubenka and cabin is direct translation but this specific one in czech it is usted as a name of that place and not something to nessecerly describe its function)-there are two "units" (well three but that third is just a single rom with en suite bathroom) that can be rented (every floor has an "apartment" that can be rented for just one night or even few weeks) that has furniture that has been in the chateau (before communists decided to literarly throw it out of the window and use the chateau rooms as shops for bata shoes, for clothes and for some reason use these damp rooms as library). I mean it could be potentially called bed and breakfast but they do not cook there as each unit has small kitchen and hosts either travel to city to eat or cook themself... Maybe just use the word Roubenka also in english description and say that you can rent aplace there to stay in a buliding with traditional valachian architecture?

    or... I don´t even know anymore I feel like I will just bulid a bunch of differend "insect hotels" ask the mayor for premision to put them across the village and be done with it instead of looking for interesting historical bulidings and structures with a story (I mean I bought a book from 1930 to have a proof where by a legend was an entrance to a tunel with tresure colected by bandits but as there is no plaque there and nominating just a tree is not possible even with all the evidence I have) 😪

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    When you are nominating a bench in a park. You have to be very clear on what you nominating it is in your supporting info.

    If you are nominating it as a place where people gather, say so directly in the Supporting

    If you are nominating it as a POI for the whole park itself say something like put the park name in title and say something like "This park doesn't have it's own sign. Niantic has said that a park doesn't need a sign, but needs a man-made structure to serve as the physical pin point for the park. This bench is being used as the physical pin for the park" You might need some link to a website or map so reviewers know its a park depending on what they see

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