help a rural player?

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im in a area where there is nothing, only 1 church in walking distance and its a pokestop but thats it, next closest thing is a 20 minute walk to another….pokestop not even a gym. im a teen who cant go places much due to a very controlling grandmother and i need help, if i provided my area could you all maybe help me find something very close? i have a few photos of things i think might have potential but im not sure, tell me what you all think and if there is anyone who really really wants to help me out, can you at least help me make a very good strong fight for my nominations? It just really sucks, i wish niantic would help us rural players who actually wanna be able to play the game but cant. Anyways ill link the things i think have potential below.

this is a old sign of a no longer in business greenhouse sellers. There building is right up the road if you think that might have more of a chance but i thought this could because its old and been here easily 30-40 years and almsot everyone in this area has bought from them and they was a “unique” business.

this is a little spring, theres not much going for it, its just a natural spring that sits off the road with a bench and a pretty view of water running under a rock, it is on public property too.

this is a old deli thats been here forever, but what inwas gonna focus on is the sign, its a cocacola sign and everyone loved cocacola. the sign is as old as the building with the original business name on it, and its hand painted so i figured it could have a shot.

thats all i could find, please tell me if you think there is anything else and if you think any of mine have the slightest potential, and if they do please help me make them presentable!

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